Easy Way To Get Quality Brake Pads and Parts Online

Author: VMAX Brakes   Date Posted:29 August 2018 


Easy Way to Get Quality Brake Pads and Parts Online

Brake pads an integral part of the car because they are used to apply friction and pressure to the brake rotors that finally complete the process of applying the brake. The pressure and friction applied to the rotor help reduce the speed of the vehicle by stopping the wheels. Brake pads are subjected to extreme wear and tear because of the weight of the vehicle (truck or car). To be honest, it’s a tough job to undertake, but your car’s brake pads do it time and again without complaint. Keeping the wear and tear they undergo in mind, brake replacement is recommended after you’ve driven 50,000 miles.

Different Types of Brake Pads

1) Non-asbestos: Made using fibers, filler material, and high-temperature resins, these types of brake pads don’t create much noise and are softer than most other car brake pads.

2) Ceramic brake pads: These brake pads are made using ceramic fibers, some metal, and filler materials that are nonferrous. These pads create less noise and can withstand wear and tear with ease, but these pads cost more than other pads.

3) Semi-metallic: These brake pads are used widely by vehicle owners because of efficient heat transfer capacity. Also, these brake pads are built to last. As far as the construction is concerned, they are made using graphite or copper, steel wire, and friction modifiers.

Searching for an ideal set of brake pads and other parts of the car is a tedious exercise. With a multitude of options flooding the market every day, choosing the right set of brake pads is not an easy task. If you’re searching for brake parts online, I suggest you give VMAX Brakes a shot.

VMAX: The Megastore for all Your Braking Needs

If you’re searching for a wide variety of brake pads and other car parts, VMAX Brakes is here to provide you with top-notch braking products. At VMAX, you get to choose from a wide variety of braking equipment such as brake pads, brake drums, brake rotors, and brake pad wear sensors.  In case you get a damaged or defected product, returns would be processed after the company’s approval. Write to the company separately in order to get approvals for the return and replacement of defected products. Excellent quality, honest prices, and an added emphasis on customer satisfaction, VMAX Brakes is the ultimate destination to cater to all your braking needs.