RDA Brake Pads & Rotors

At VMAX Brakes, we’re all about setting the standard in high-quality brake solutions. Dive into our extensive product range, featuring top-of-the-line RDA brake pads and RDA rotors – where safety and performance come together to offer an unmatched driving experience.

Top-Tier RDA Brake Pads

Our selection of RDA brake pads are engineered to provide superior stopping power,. Tailored to cater to your vehicle's unique needs, they deliver safe and reliable braking, turning every journey into an embodiment of vehicle control and safety.

Unbeatable RDA Rotors

Improve your ride with our exceptional RDA rotors offering optimal heat dissipation and consistent performance. Designed with precision, these rotors ensure stellar vehicle control and heightened safety.

Premium RDA Brake Rotors

Experience the difference of our RDA brake rotors. Precision-engineered for effective heat dispersion and durability, these brake rotors provide improved control and safety for a superior driving experience.

High-Performance RDA Brake Discs

At VMAX Brakes, we bring the best to your vehicle with our RDA brake discs. Balancing high-quality materials with advanced engineering, our brake discs deliver unparalleled performance and efficient braking.

Renowned RDA Brakes in Australia

As a leading provider of RDA brakes in Australia, we offer a variety of braking solutions to meet your vehicle's need for safety and control with unmatched stopping power.

At VMAX Brakes, we don't just deliver brake solutions — we deliver peace of mind. From the best RDA brake pads to superior RDA brake discs, our expansive range is designed to deliver robust performance and safety for your vehicle.

Explore our products or connect with our team for personalised advice. VMAX Brakes is your partner in achieving superior safety and peak performance on the road.

Explore Our Vast Range Of Products

Dive into our comprehensive selection of high-caliber braking solutions, meticulously designed for optimal performance and safety:

  • Drum Brakes: Our drum brakes offer a reliable and cost-effective stopping solution, especially for older vehicles or rear-wheel systems, without compromising on performance.
  • Car Rotors: Featuring a variety of options to suit diverse driving conditions, our car rotors are engineered for excellent heat dissipation and lasting durability.
  • TRW Rotors: Trusted for their robust construction and performance, TRW rotors offer a premium braking experience suitable for a wide range of vehicles.
  • EBC Brake Pads: Renowned for their superior quality, EBC brake pads deliver exceptional stopping power and durability, making them a perfect upgrade for your braking system.

Elevate your vehicle's braking capabilities with the trusted quality of VMAX Brakes.

RDA Brake Pads - Frequently Asked Questions

How do RDA brake pads enhance my vehicle"s braking performance?

Our range of RDA brake pads are designed to provide enhanced stopping power, and extended durability. These exceptional brake pads lead to a smoother and safer ride, offering a significant improvement in your vehicle"s overall braking performance.

Are your RDA brake discs a direct replacement for my original brake discs?

Yes, our RDA brake discs offer a direct replacement for your original brake discs. They are produced to provide optimal compatibility and function with your vehicle, ensuring consistent and efficient braking performance.

As a leading provider of RDA brakes in Australia, what guarantees do you offer on your products?

At VMAX Brakes, all our RDA brakes in Australia are backed by a warranty that assures quality and performance. With a stringent focus on safety and durability, our brakes are designed to withstand diverse driving conditions, providing you with a reliable and efficient braking solution.

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Buy RDA Disc Rotors at the Best Prices

RDA carries a comprehensive range of over 2,400 parts – with a series of premium rotors, drums, pads and shoe applications for everything from Alpha to Volvo. This includes solutions to suit passenger cars, performance motorsport vehicles, 4WDs as well as light commercial vehicles.

RDA components are all sourced from high-quality, trusted manufacturers around the world – and brought here to you for your convenience.

Here at VMAX, we offer RDA rotors and pads to our customers at competitive prices, complete with the convenience of free delivery Australia-wide. Simply place your order, and we’ll ship direct to you or your mechanic.

Not quite sure which item is best for your classic car? Talk to our team for further advice and recommendations. 

Products for Classic Car Enthusiasts

When you need to upgrade your braking system, we are the team to speak to. Here at VMAX, we’re all about providing expert advice and competitive pricing with top-notch product support. We are an Australian-owned company with a wealth of experience when it comes to cars. Providing quality car parts to upgrade your performance and safety is our passion.

Our team is available to answer your technical questions should you need any further tips and advice. Give us a call today on 0404 650 131 or email us at vmaxbrakes@gmail.com.